What we're looking for

At Cove Investments, we rigorously screen a wide range of projects and sponsors, presenting only the most attractive opportunities to our investors. We also believe it’s critical to have “skin in the game” and therefore continue to invest our own capital alongside our clients. We expect and require our sponsors to do the same.

Project Characteristics

Target Financial Return Characteristics

  • >100% total return over 5-7 years
  • High single-digit cash-on-cash returns with monthly or quarterly cash distributions to investors
  • A minimum of 10-15% IRRs with conservative underwriting

See below for several transactions in which Cove Investments has participated:

River Ridge Apartments Columbia, SC

River Ridge Apartments
Columbia, SC

146 Units | Mission Bay Capital Partners (Sponsor)

Lake Creek Apartments, Austin TX

Lake Creek Apartments
Austin TX

350 Units | Wildhorn Capital (Sponsor)

Alamo Estates, San Antonio, TX

Alamo Estates
San Antonio, TX

208 Units | Disrupt Equity (Sponsor)

Retreat at Stone Mountain, Atlanta, GA

Retreat at Stone Mountain
Atlanta, GA

212 Units | Disrupt Equity (Sponsor)

Sahara Apartments, Tucson, AZ

Sahara Apartments
Tucson, AZ

174 Units | Marota Group (Sponsor)

Porterwood Apartments
Houston, TX

136 Units | Disrupt Equity (Sponsor)