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December 2019 – Looking Back, Looking Ahead

December has been a time of reflection here at Cove Investments. As the days grow short and the new year (decade) approaches we’ve been thinking about how we can better serve our investors and our broader community of investors, partners, and friends.   By conventional measures, our first year has been a rousing success. Cove Investments participated in 4 deals consisting of more than 1,000 apartment units with a transaction value (equity and debt) exceeding $80 million. While acquisitions are important milestones, that’s not how we measure success. Anybody can buy a property. It’s easy to overpay. Our results will be evaluated

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Institutions Adding to Real Estate

Looking at the macro environment, we’re struck by how much has changed since last month’s comments.  In early October it seemed a foregone conclusion that we’d soon face our first recession since the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). Capital markets couldn’t have been more clear in their signals: bond yields were collapsing, the yield curve had inverted, credit spreads began to widen, and stock market volatility increased. For those less familiar with this stuff, it was simply the market’s way of warning that tough times lay ahead.  Only a few weeks later global equity markets have rallied to new all-time highs, the yield curve has steepened, and

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Global Influences on Local Investments

Many times, the outcome of an investment, both positive and negative, are outside of our control. While they cannot be influenced, they are dangerous to ignore. In this post, I’ll explain why the low yields of global bonds may significantly affect returns of your US real estate investments. Location, Location, Location… And Perspective Let’s take the oldest lesson in real estate investing. You know, the three things, “Location, Location, Location.” This maxim is the bedrock of any real estate opportunity. And for a good reason. A single block, a few hundred yards, can make the difference between riding the wave

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The Other March Madness

What a great time of year! Here in New England, we’re emerging from the darkness of winter. Baseball season has begun. And the college basketball tournament has again left brackets busted. It’s also tax season… Wait! Don’t run away! I wanted to share a real-life example of how investing in multifamily real estate can make you a much happier person at tax time. Keep in mind that I’m not a CPA. Consult a real CPA for tax advice. With that requisite disclosure, check this out… Each spring, investors in private placements like multifamily real estate syndications receive a tax document

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