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Key Drivers for Apartment Investments

We’ve already discussed the many benefits of investing in apartments (see 5 Reasons Apartments may be the IDEAL Investment). But what are the key value drivers that determine whether a deal will be successful? Well, it turns out that having 25+ years of experience in analyzing stocks help quite a bit when analyzing apartment investments. Unlike residential homes, apartments are businesses and are valued based on the cash flow they generate. At Cove Investments, we’re working with experienced operators to find opportunities where we can boost that cash flow. That way, we have levers within our control to increase the

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The Importance of Forced Appreciation

Hats off to the guys from Disrupt Equity and Wolfe Investments for organizing a tremendous maiden event. Roughly 250 people attended the first Multifamily Investor Network conference with the overwhelming consensus that it was time well spent. Each session focused on education, insights, targeted networking, and as promised, there wasn’t a single sales pitch. Following this great event, the team will take the show on the road, hosting similar events this year in Los Angeles, Seattle, and yes, Boston in October. Cove Investments will do its best to support the effort and will keep you posted as further details emerge.

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I Have a Few Questions…

There are several common questions that potential investors ask in preliminary meetings. I thought it might be helpful to share some of these in a brief blog post, and also post them on the Cove Investments website. Of course, I’ll continue to update these FAQs over time. I’ll also write more detailed posts on many of these topics over time. But if you’d like to go deeper into a conversation, set-up a meeting via my calendar. Let’s dive in! Can I see an example of a recent deal you’ve done? Sure. Last summer I invested in Central Park, a 90-unit

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5 Reasons Apartments may be the IDEAL Investment

For more than 25 years I’ve dedicated my career to investing in stocks. Bonds were interesting too, but they were largely tools for diversification. They protected your portfolio during those nasty periods when stocks sold-off. It wasn’t until more recently that I discovered what may be the IDEAL investment: passive apartment syndications. In this post, I’ll share some of what I’ve learned about this fascinating space, and why I’ve launched a firm to help busy individuals access these opportunities. IDEAL? Hopefully, you hear the alarm bells sounding. Anything that sounds too good to be true, probably is, right? That’s what

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